Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I make from the Job-a-matic job listings I sell?

You keep 50% of the revenue. We keep the other 50%, and invest it in important world projects*.

* Important world projects include effort to prevent mechanical, metal-munching moon-mice from devouring the world's TV antennas!

How do I get paid for Job-a-matic listings?

Once you have generated $500 in commissions, Simply Hired will send you a check.

Do Job-a-matic jobs get included in the Simply Hired database?

Yes, they do.

How much should I charge for a job listing? Is there a minimum amount I need to charge?

The minimum amount that you can charge for a listing is $10. The market price for listings varies from industry to industry, but $100 - $200 per listing is fairly standard.

Does it cost anything for me to put Job-a-matic on my web site?

Not a single red ruble, Comrade.

How do I turn down a request to place an ad?

Ah yes, that can be awkward. Moderation of job posts is not available yet, but will be coming soon. In the meantime, we suggest, "It's not you - it's me!" or "You know, you look like a really nice job, and I wish you the best, but I'm just not ready for a commitment right now." You know, let 'em down easy.

Okay, between you and me, I don't have as many job listings on my site as I'd like, and I wish there were a way to attract more attention. Any suggestions?

Yes. We have some super-space-age technology that allows you to pump up your job listings with relevant sponsored jobs from the Simply Hired site. So if you're running light on Job-a-matic postings you can log into your account, select "backfill," and enter keywords you want to search on.

Once you do this, your visitors will see your Job-a-matic postings first, followed by relevant sponsored postings from Simply Hired. Not only with this make you look cool and sought-after, but if users click on sponsored jobs they found on your site, it generates per-click revenue and we share a percentage with you.

Houston, we have a problem. Houston? (Seriously, how do I contact Mission Control?)

Just email and we'll be more than happy to help you avoid burning up on re-entry.

Can I offer refunds for job listings that aren't a success?

Sadly, there are no guarantees in this life. And while it might feel icky if an employer should complain that his or her job listing didn't perform as hoped, please resist the urge to suggest that Simply Hired will refund their fee. We provide tools for employers to advertise their open jobs, and we like to think we're pretty dedicated to helping employers and job seekers connect. But we do not and cannot guarantee any particular result.

How do I target the job listings for specific locations?

Log into your account and select Configuration, then Categories. You'll find a list of available U.S. regions to choose from. Select the regions you want to make available to your users and save! Simply Simple, huh?

Can I post the same job listing(s) on the multiple blogs I own? If I can, how do I do that?

Sure, simply point all your blogs to the same job board. Done, and done!

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! You can use your own domain name through a process called domain mapping. However, First you must pick a hostname (everyone needs their own hostname), and complete the job site setup process. The ability to set a custom domain name will be available to you when you log-in to your account for the first time.

In order to map your domain to the jobamatic site you create, you will need to access your account at your registrar/host and add a CNAME record. The CNAME will point to your jobamatic account.

For example, if your job site is at, you will need to add/modify a CNAME record to point to

Once your CNAME change has been made:

  1. Log-in to your account.
  2. Click on the "Configuration" tab
  3. Under "Name & Pricing" find the field that says "Domain Name"
  4. Enter your CNAME and click "Save Changes"

What kind of tools do you have that will allow me to see how much I've made?

Go to your account and select the reporting tab. If you cannot access reports, you must be one of the major go-getters who's generating revenue within 1-2 weeks of Job-a-matic's launch! Hang tight, reports will be live in a few days.

What additional tools do you have that will allow me to market these jobs?

Promotional tools are on the way! In the meantime, let your inner evangelist run wild.