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If you have reached this page, you are taking advantage of the opportunity that Go Daddy Hosting Connection offers to enhance your website. Coming to this page means that you want to add a job site to your blog/website and start making a little money, while giving visitors to your site job listings they will love!

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A great opportunity for web publishers, bloggers and savvy technocenti throughout the solar system.

You've developed a targeted audience of visitors to your site. Simply Hired's Job-a-matic is designed to help you monetize that audience.

Employers are eager to promote their job listings to qualified candidates. And savvy candidates always keep an ear to the ground for interesting opportunities. By adding job listings to your site with Job-a-matic, you provide your readers with a useful service and make good money along the way.

Text link ads are nice and all, but now you can earn more while becoming more valuable to your readers.

Basic text link advertising is a great first step in monetizing your site. If you haven't tried it yet, you should.

Your next step should be adding job listings via Job-a-matic. While your readers will likely tolerate advertising, they'll view targeted job listings as a valuable addition to your site. And revenue from job listings can quickly outpace that from standard CPC advertising programs as you build your base of listings customers.

Say you run a site that provides info and resources for all things Perl. Wouldn't you like to benefit from all the hungry employers out there looking for Perl people? Simply Hired hooks you up with Job-a-matic and suddenly you're offering more than just info, you're a hot little industry-specific job resource and you're getting all kinds of buzz and new traffic and getting paid for the privilege.

Or say you're a hobbyist with a fabulous food and wine blog. Score some coin from food and wine employers with jobs to fill! Job-a-matic lets you sell advertising space right where your carefully cultivated population of oenophiles and grass-fed-whatever enthusiasts can see them every time they stop in to read your witty bon mots on terroir and heirloom rutabagas. Your readers get great job leads. Your employer-clients get great visibility. Simply Hired handles the details and turns over 50% of the moolah to you.

And if your listings need a little shot in the arm, we can help.

With Job-a-matic, you can also take advantage of Simply Hired's database of more than five million jobs to show users additional listings, so your jobs section will always have relevant content.

Let's say that during one month you've sold 5 job listings, but you want your visitors to see at least 25. Simply Hired will display an additional 20 jobs that will follow the 5 you've sold, based on keywords you select.

For revenue that comes from clicks on sponsored job listings from Simply Hired's database, you keep 30%, and we keep 70% (we do all the selling, and you get the cash).

Simply Hired's backfill job listings will appear beneath those that you sell yourself. This feature ensures that the jobs section of your site is always full of relevant job content (some listings will earn you money), even if you don't have time to sell as many listings as you'd like. And your visitors always find interesting choices when visiting your jobs section, which keeps them coming back. Which makes it easier for you to sell listings in the future.

But wait, there's more.

Also, with Job-a-matic, your listings are displayed across the Simply Hired network, which means they'll be seen at sites like Simply Hired, LinkedIn, and MySpace. And the greater the visibility your listings receive, the more traffic your job postings customers will get.

You're Welcome.

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Job-a-matic is simple and low-maintenance.

There's no software to install, no setup fee, no maintenance costs. No nada. Job-a-matic is completely free for you to use. And it's ready to go in minutes. How's that for simple?

Pricing is up to you...

You determine the pricing for the job listings you sell. The more targeted your audience, the higher the price you can command from employers looking to reach it.